p.o.p. candy co.

Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim

About us

Think buttery, toasty, crunchy toffee-like deliciousness in each and every bite. Our butter crunch is handmade in small batches using real, clean ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Sweet and savory flavors are packed with premium nuts, excellent farmers market herbs and fruits, fine spices, and all-natural extracts (with no added sugar) that are combined and cooked into each batch so that each flavor is incredible, and no two flavors are the same. Customers tell us that p.o.p. tastes better, softer, and fresher than other toffees and brittles they've tried and enjoyed for years.

Policies overview

We are sold in markets, movie theaters, spas, wineries, campus stores, gift box companies, coffee shops, restaurants, health stores, pharmacies, and other locations all around the country. Our retail clients include Rainbow Grocery, Castello di Amorosa Winery, Marriott Hotels, Bellinger Farms, Alaska Midnite Scents gift shop and many more. We are very responsive and aim to provide a great experience.

Refund and exchange policies

Please notify us immediately if there is any damage to product you have received. We will work with you. We always try to make it right.

Policy on providing samples

Samples are available upon request. Message us with your interest. It will speed up the process if you provide the following information: your business name and address, your business URL, a short description of your business, and let us know if you have a resale license.

Policy on customization

We have customized p.o.p candy for corporate gifts, special events, party favors, VIP amenities, and even hotel turn down service. Please see our Product Support tab for examples of how we have customized p.o.p. We can most likely accommodate your request. Message us for more information or to get a cost estimate. We are also willing to do split cases -- cases that include two flavors.

Policy on shipping, packaging, and lead time

We require 10-14 business days lead time for most orders. p.o.p candy is handmade to order so you receive it fresh.

Additional policies and FAQs

We offer FREE SHIPPING if you place an order of 3 CASES as your initial order or within three months of your initial order. For example, if you order one case as your first order, that’s great. But if you order 3 cases as your first order, we will give you free shipping. If you order one case as your first order -- then within 3 months -- place a 3-case order, we will give you free shipping on that 3-case order. We also provide a DISPLAY CASE(S) with your order of a 2 oz. CASE. You will receive one display case per flavor. For example, if you place an order for 2 cases of Almond and 2 cases of Pecan, we will send you one display case for each flavor. The display cases only come with the 2 oz. packs. We can also provide bags of SAMPLE PIECES for on-site sampling. They are great to share with your customers to get them interested in a purchase. We will give you a free 4 oz. bag of sample pieces with your first order if you request it. We will provide one free 4 oz. bag of sample pieces per flavor. If you want tasting samples after your first order, we can provide those for a small change. See the Product Support tab for more information. Please send us a message if you are interested in the free shipping promotion or sample pieces, and we will get you set up.